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{Indian Corn Color}

Journal Entry: November 4, 2013   On an autumn drive we came across a roadside stand selling pumpkins, corn stalks, apple cider and this beautiful indian corn. I had never seen such a variety of intense colors and textures.  I was inspired by the beauty of the kernels and how they were painterly with rich patterns and […]

{The Pumpkin Knife}

Welcome to Inspiration Monday    Late Autumn  2013          No. 22 Journal Entry: October 28, 2013 {The Pumpkin Knife} “An old knife I found at a garage sale so many years ago has seen many years of use. I enjoy the way the blade has worn down to a narrowed point that […]

Snow Storms and Blizzards

Winter 2013                     Issue 14 Snow Storms and Blizzards (From Journal December 27th  2007) “There was a very heavy snow squall at the gallery in Stowe today. I have seldom seen the snow fall so heavily. I took a drive out to the golf course and […]

Winter White, Winter Light

Winter 2013                                  Issue 12 Winter White, Winter LIght (From March 2011) I have been snowshoeing through the woods at sunset and the low light has a yellow glow to it as the beams light up the snow. It has […]

Early Winter 2012 Issue 10

Early Winter 2012      Issue 10 Solstice Light December 17, 2012 (From December 14, 2001) I’m looking forward to Winter Solstice this week, the angle of light is so low on the horizon, setting at around 4:15pm and not rising until 7:20am in these final days before the light starts to return.  Traveling down […]

{Inspiration Monday} Holiday: It’s in the Details

Early Winter 2012     Issue 9 Holiday In Unexpected Places Heading back from Montpelier this unexpected sight caught my attention.  The Capital looked so majestic and at the same time felt “home town” and approachable decked out in it’s holiday lights. It had been snowing for a while, those big, fat white flakes that […]

{Inspiration Monday} The “Stick” Season & Chiaroscuro

  Autumn 2012      Issue 7 Stick Season November 26, 2012 The sun sets so early now, and I’m enjoying how it changes my familiar places through the seasons.  It’s dusk and I’ve been walking in the woods most of the afternoon.  The sun will set soon so I head for the sheep field […]

Giving Thanks and Creating Your Work-Flow

Autumn 2012           Issue 6 Giving Thanks November 19, 2012 I came across this story on VPR a few years ago and I have never looked at my small turkey flock the same again. In the 18th Century New England Farmers would walk their flocks of turkeys to the Boston market each November, […]

Taking Flight

Field Notes Autumn 2012 Issue 4 Taking Flight November 5, 2012 I’ve headed out to do evening chores and the air is crisp, it may frost again tonight~it’s getting dark so early now.  Sometimes I hear the geese by the wind rustling through the powerful wings, even before the first low honking. My small flock […]

Seasonal Delights

Seasonal Delights October 29, 2012 The carved pumpkins just wanted to be in the yard, they wanted to glow in the crisp Autumn air, they wanted to scare away the last of the foliage (that was putting up a good fight in the background).  The Adirondack chairs, waiting to be put away before the first […]

Chasing Light

Field Notes October 8th-14th, 2012 Chasing Light The glowing light in the image above is the reason I moved to Vermont many years ago. I distictly remember the first time I saw this transcendent quality of light on an Autumn evening at Sunset. There had been a storm and it had been raining for most […]

Early fall in Vermont


Vermont is starting on the seasonal explosion of color. I have noticed the swamp oak in my far field is starting to turn a deep red. This is a time of glory in Vermont before the arrival of the cold. A time to drive the back country roads and watch the leaves change to their […]

Late summer and dry


The pond in my lower field has dried out from the lack of rain. A turtle climbed out of his hole in the dried mud and appears to have met a blue heron, bird tracks on the left. Nature can be rather cruel. We are suppose to get some rain from the remnants of Hurricane […]

Autumn Glory

Fall leaves on a woodland pool

I am having an artist’s reception for my show “Autumn Glory” at the Shelburne Vineyards in Shelburne, Vt on rt 7 right past the Shelburn Museum, today from 2-5. I will be releasing a new limited edition print: “Vernal Tranquility” which was used as the cover image for Vermont Life autumn 2012. I hope if […]

a gentle rain has been falling today

Cherry tomatoes in the rain of Vermont

A gentle rain has been falling today. The storms this year have been more of a violent nature so to have a light soaking rain is a joy to the farmer in me. Everyday I take the dogs on their walk up up thru our gardens and lower fields then up into the woods. We encountered […]

the Misting of the Cold Rain

Lower Field with the rising Mist

Sometimes I have a rather reflective time when I am tending to the poultry and the sheep at the end of the day.This evening feels out of kilter, the rain too cold for this time of the year. A certain darkness over the land. With a cold,  biting rain falling I make my way down […]

The Passing Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon at sunset

A few years ago, a hot air balloon set down in my lower field. The ballonists got out and gave me a bottle of Champagne, after that I was always open to more hot air balloons landing in my lower field. It was explained to me that this tradition came from one of the first […]

The Arrival of the Bees

opening the boxed bee hive

Boxed bee hive On the farm there are a number of animals and insects that arrive thru the mail.  The phone rings about 6:30 and it is the postoffice calling to notify you of something that is peeping or buzzing has arrived. This package had its own hitch hiker a bee on the outside that […]

Rainy Spring Day

White Crested Black Polish Chicks

This last week has been a time of rain. We have been in a dry spell here in Vermont so the rain is welcome. My lower garden is in a wetland area with a heavy blue clay base is very waterlogged at this time. My plan is to spread all the compost made from our […]

The boys sit for their portrait


The boys sort of sat for their portrait this morning. The picture shows their characters well. Cyrano is Mr. Love,just look into my soulful eyes, Quinn wants to make sure he is doing it just right,(how about this) and Laddie is the teenager who will not look at the camera. With the way border collies […]

A walk in the snow flurries of late April


Every day I take a walk up thru the woods to see the advances of spring on my local landscape. This is the dogs favorite time of the day. We do various poultry and sheep chores then head up by the beaver pond on the far edge of our property. There are a pair of […]

Bluets in the woods

Bluets in the spring

On our walk today I saw the bluets that are growing on the trail. I walk a circuit thru my lower fields then up thru the woods and am always happy to find the new flowers that are blooming. The bluets are out 3-4 weeks earlier than last year. But the weather report is calling […]

Spring Daffodil with raindrops

Daffodil in the spring with raindrops

The sun has been popping out this morning between rainshowers. The wind is blowing, which makes it difficult to get the flowers to stay stationary long enough to photograph them. My daughter and I did our best to get a few pics of spring flowers with the raindrops. A daffodil with the sunrising behind it.  

An Early Spring Rainbow

Spring rainbow at dusk

I was headed out to take the dogs for their evening walk and put the ducks and geese up for the night when the sun briefly came out and lit up the sky. This is the first rainbow of the year that I have seen. It was brief, lasting for a few moments as the […]